It's time for another exciting round of Bark ATL's meet the staff!!!! Today we will learn all about Jessica. Jess has worked at Bark ATL for almost a year and is the comic relief around here.
Jessica takes care of both the little and big pups but one of her favorite things to do is give baths!
Jessica has the sweetest daughter, Ari. We got to hang out one day and watch Sponge Bob! I haven't met her husband but I hear he's a sweetheart, too.
Jessica has two dogs of her own. Joker (the flower) and her newest addition, Mary Jane. MJ was found by one of our clients and found her way into Jessica's heart last week. She is super cute!!
Jessica loves working with dogs because, as she puts it, “It’s freaking AWESOME!” I have to agree, it is pretty awesome.
When she is not at Bark ATL Jessica likes to spend time with her daughter, going out to eat, sleeping (and who would blame her with a small child at home!), and going on long walks.
Thanks for making us all laugh!!