We would like for you to get to know the staff at Bark ATL better so we are introducing our Meet the Staff posts! Since I am the one writing them I figured I would go first. My name is Kristina and I am the newest addition to Bark ATL. I started in September 2010 and boy has it been fun! I have over 14 years of veterinary experience but decided it was time for a change. Being the assistant manager has its challenges but the rewards far outweigh them. I also own my own wedding planning business, My Bride Idea which keeps me busy when I am not taking care of the pups!!
My house is full with an almost 17 year old son named Tyler, two dogs, a Dachshund/Cocker Spaniel mix named Hobbes and a Border Collie/Greyhound mix named Lilly Bean AND two cats, Twister and Annabelle. My kitty cat kids were brought into the animal hospital where I worked as newborns that had been abandoned by their mother. We bottle fed them and as soon as they were big enough they came to live with me. My pups were rescues through Ruffus Rescue. I am secretly looking to adopt a tiny Chihuahua but don't tell my husband!
Lilly Bean:
Working at Bark ATL is awesome! There is nothing better than a big kiss in the face from a room full of pups! When I am not at Bark ATL I like to spend time with friends, shopping, cooking, and going to Braves games.My life is pretty hectic but it is a lot of fun.