It's Thursday which means it's time for another exciting edition of Meet Bark ATL's Staff! Today's lucky staff member is Nanci. Nanci has been with Bark for a little over a year. Nanci has a lot of experience with taking care of fur babies and says she can't imagine doing anything else. Nanci loves all dogs but has a special connection with the little ones, probably because she owns four!
This little princess is Laney (aka Laney Bug). Don't let that sweet little face fool you! She'll attack your fingers when you aren't looking. Little piranha!
This handsome guy is Chewie. Nanci rescued him for Fulton County and is looking for a forever home for him. He is so sweet and loves all people and animals. Look at that face! How could you not love him??
This adorable dude is Lucky, and trust me, his name fits him. Some of you might remember that Nanci's home was broken into last year and this sweet guy was dog napped. Thanks to Nanci's never ending search he was found at a shelter far from home and about to be euthanized.
When Nanci went to pick up Lucky from the shelter they said that he was brought in with another pup. Being the animal lover that she is, Nanci took him home too. Logan fits in perfectly with the rest of the group and is truly BFF's with Lucky. Can't you just imagine them finding each other and making a pact to be road dogs together? So sweet!
Nanci loves working with dogs because when she is having a bad day they always turn it around and make her happy! When she is not at Bark ATL you can find her at the dog park with her four kids, playing tennis, or traveling our great nation.
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