There are a few new faces at BARK ATL this summer and Desmon is one of them. He comes to us all the way from Buffalo, New York with his friendly and playful two-year old companion, Jay, a Blue Heeler.



Desmon has two years of experience working with animals and is especially enthusiastic about bathing. He has been working at BARK for a few weeks and is quickly making an impression on our pack, and vice versa!


When asked about his favorite thing about working here at Bark, he had this to say, “You never know what kind of dog you’ll see next and how their swag is!” … a true statement.


When not at work, Desmon enjoys playing basketball, running and cooking…what a life!! And in case you’d like to cook him up something good, his favorite dishes are mac and cheese, steak and corn.


Also, you should know that in 12th grade Desmon organized a blood drive and an event for AIDS awareness. What a caring guy! We hope you all get the chance to meet him face to face and maybe you’ll even meet little Jay.


Until next time! WOOF! WOOF!