Posted by: Aimee T. (Assistant Manager)


So if you’re wondering who takes care of your pups overnight, and what really goes down…talk to this guy! Justin is our official overnight guru and he does a great job of keeping our pack fed, rested and very well taken care of!



Justin has been working at BARK for about a year and has 4 years of professional pet care experience altogether, in addition to a lifetime of experience caring for his family pets. Simba (the great big Persian cat) and “V” the iguana are quite lucky to have such a cool and knowledgeable dad!


Every day is a chance to learn something new about animals, which is why Justin especially likes spending time learning from his co-workers as well as sharing his skills.


Outside of these walls, this Savannah native enjoys playing the guitar, going out with his boyfriend, playing strategy-based video games, four-wheel driving and just hanging out!...pheww! What a dynamic life!! And of course, you are all welcome to bring some General Tso’s Chicken his way, guaranteed to make him say “YUM!”


We are so thankful for all of Justin’s work with our pack this past year, and hope for many more wonderful experiences!


As always, Woof Woof! Sniff Sniff!

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