Hi everyone! Molly here! They tell me I'm a teacup poodle and I'm the littlest dog at Bark ATL. However, you'd never guess that I'm a little puppy by the way I play. I love to run around and let the other small dogs chase me. I hide under the Kuranda beds and play peek-a-boo with Yo-Yo all the time- it's so fun! When I get tired, I get to go in my own special playpen and take a nap, but sometimes I just want to wrestle with my toys. Jocko, the Jack Russell, is my best friend in the whole world! We like to play chase together. I love it when we go outside and I get to lay in the sun for awhile, or cuddle up in a handler's lap! I have the best time at daycare and get along with all the small dogs so well. I'm so glad my mommy brings me here. I love Bark ATL!

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