Hi Everybody! My name is Bailey and I had a birthday party today at BARK ATL! It was so much fun - all my friends came outside on this beautiful Spring day and we had birthday cupcakes and ice cream. We wore hats. We chased each other. We chased our balls. We chased our tails. We just laughed and laughed and had a blast! It was really cool that our favorite BARK people were there to give us treats (and birthday hugs and kisses! Thanks, Miss Brandi and Mr. Morgan). Silly Cullen got in the pool and laid down, even though there was no water in there! He really must have been tired! That Cullen cracks me up! He's a Jack Russel Terrier like me, only he's a big boy and I'm a little petite thing! I think he has a secret crush on me, but that's okay because he's pretty cute, too! My other BFFs were there, too, like Bettis (he is one fluffy Pomeranian & I just love him!). Willis and Rudy and Rosie were also there - they are regular day care "peeps" and we always have so much fun playing together. I'm so glad I have a "home away from home" like BARK ATL. Little Pup Lane is definitely THE place to be! Thanks for making my birthday so special, and thanks for always loving us so much and spoiling us, too! Until next year everyone (this was my second birthday in a row at BARK, I think it's a tradition now!). Oh yeah, click on my picture above to see the party for yourself! You can see how much fun we had - I'm going to sleep really well tonight. Good night! oxoxox, Little Miss Bailey

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