Hello humans! My name is Jake, a yellow lab, but my friends call me Big Jake. The people who work at Bark ATL let me come write about my day on the computer (actually, I'm telling them what to write!). I LOVE Bark ATL. I come about twice a week when I need to get out and be with my friends.
My best friends, of course, are the humans, but I have a few close doggy friends, too. King, the standard Poodle with the mohawk, is one of my BFFs. We walk all around and sniff everything together. I love to walk in between the human's legs. I think that is the greatest game of all. I get real happy when the motion bell rings in the evening because I know my Mommy will be here soon to pick me up! Most of all, I have a great time and I'm SOOOOOO tired when I go home. I love everyone at Bark ATL and it's so good to know that they love me, too!!!

Bark On!-Big Jake

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