July 4th Tips to Prevent a Lost Dog

When we think of the month July, we are most likely to picture the colors red, white, and blue in the sky in the form of extravagant fireworks. July 4th is a significant holiday in America, where family and friends gather together for cookouts, pool parties, and fireworks to celebrate national independence.


However, what many people don't know is that the month of July is also National Lost Dog Prevention Month. Many are unaware of the happenings after the festivities come to an end. Due to large celebrations and the booming sound of fireworks, many dogs tend to run away in fear. It was reported that more dogs get lost during this time than any other day of the year.



What Is National Lost Dog Prevention Month?

National Lost Dog Prevention Month was created by PetHub Inc, in order to create awareness and give pet parents in-depth tools and strategies for preventing a lost pet. It happens to land on the month of July because it was reported that the day after Independence Day is the busiest day for shelters.


Tips To Prevent Lost Dog

In order to prevent the occurrence of a lost dog in the midst of the festivities, here are some tips you can consider:


  • First and foremost, make sure he has his tag on with clear identification
  • During the day, try to take your dog on a long walk, run, or hike before the celebration begins. The more exhausted he is from exercise, the more relaxed he will be
  • Try not to bring your dog along to any events that will be loud, crowded, and full of fireworks. Although it may be tempting, it may be the best option to keep your dog at home where he is the most comfortable
  • If he's hiding from the noise, don't bother him. Many dogs will react to booming fireworks by hiding under the bed, or anywhere else where he might feel safe. Do not try to force him out of his hiding spot so that he can get more comfortable with the noise. It's best to let him hide in peace, as he might feel more distressed if he's out of his comfort zone
  • If you're having guests over, make sure that all the doors are closed at all times. Look for any exits that he may possibly use to run away, and block it. That way, he'll simply resort to hiding indoors instead of running away


How Bark ATL Can Help

Of course, if there's an event you really don't want to miss out on and you don't want to leave your furry friend at home alone, Bark ATL is here to help!  That way, you can avoid the risk of having a lost dog while your furry friend enjoys himself too by having a cage-free slumber party with plenty of new friends!


Bark ATL is a doggie day care and a cage free boarding facility, located in Downtown/Midtown Atlanta. Whether you need to reserve a spot for one over-night stay or more, you can count on Bark ATL to keep your dog safe and sound this 4th of July holiday.