National Mutt Day: A mutt is defined as a mixed breed or mongrel dog. National Mutt Day was created to embrace, save, and celebrate mixed breed dogs.


Animal welfare advocate and pet expert, Colleen Paige, created this biannual event, “National Mutt Day”, celebrated on July 31st and December 2nd in 2005. Many times, mutts are usually the stray dogs that you see roaming the streets or the ones that highly capacitate the shelter.


Paige created this day in order to spread awareness about the vast amount of mutt’s inhabiting the animal shelters. Over 80% of the animal shelter dog population consist of mixed breed, and 20% purebred dogs. Mixed breed dogs can come in any shape, size, or color, and are very unique. While they tend to be overlooked, here are some benefits for adotpting a "mutt":


Benefits of Mixed Breeds


  • Mixed Breed Dogs Are Affordable to Purchase


Instead of spending loads of money on a purebred or designer dog there are many mutts in the shelter that are waiting for a home to go to. It will also be one less dollar that will go into the harsh puppy mills. Purchasing a mutt is much more affordable due to you only paying the adoption fee, vaccinations, and minor maintenance expenses.


  • Mixed Breed Dogs Are Less Likely to Be Stolen


Thieves lust over things are in high demand. You won’t have to worry about someone trying to steal your mixed breed pup. Most pet thieves prey on purebred and designer dog’s due to their popularity.


  • Mixed Breed Dogs Are Healthier


Purebreds are more prone to breed specific diseases and conditions. Mixed breeds contain genes that have components from both breeds which in turn cancel out any disease-causing genes. Mutts are often healthier due to their diverse gene pool.


  • Save A Life


There is a large population of mixed breed dogs that are in need of a safe environment and a loving family to join. Many of these dogs can be found at your local rescue groups and animal shelters. When you adopt a mixed breed dog you are eliminating the chance of that dog being mistreated, starved to death, and/or killed.


Mutt’s are a hidden gem that is untapped. They need and deserve love just like the other dogs. While many people may undermine the true value and beauty of these fluffy friends hopefully your view of mixed breed dogs is changed. The next time you are in search of a new pet think about a life that you could save by adopting a mixed breed.