The entire month of January is known as National Unchain A Dog Month.  This national pet holiday was created in order to raise awareness to the hardship that dogs may face in winter weather. Dogs can easily contract frostbite, exposure, and dehydration when water resources reach a freezing point.  Bark ATL is a cage-free and chain-free environment and proud to spread awareness of this movement.


At Bark ATL, we still take our dogs outside at regular intervals throughout the day, but we limit the outdoor time when the temperature is cold. However, if you are an  owner that prefers to keep your dog outside, here are a few tips and precautions that you should take during the inclement winter weather:



  • Ensure Your Dog Has Proper Shelter

If your dog spends most of its time outside make sure that your dog has proper shelter facing towards the sun. A great example of sturdy well-insulated shelter would be a wooden house. Try to avoid plastic or metal dog houses.



  • Increase Your Dog's Food Intake

During the winter if your dog stays outsider increase your dog's food intake because they are burning more calories trying to keep warm.



  • Let The Dogs In

Never leave puppies, elderly dogs, and short-haired dogs outside during the winter for more than the time it takes to do their business. Their bodies are too fragile to withstand the inclement winter weather.



  • Put A Coat or Sweater On Your Pup

When you take your dog outside for extended periods of time, consider doggie clothes -  wearing a coat or sweater can keep their bodies heated (as well as fashionable).



  • No Tangled Tethers

Verify that your dog's tethers aren't tangled up and away from trees or miscellaneous objects that could block them from getting into their shelter.



  • Check The Chain Tightness

The chain on your dog's neck should be secure and not too tight. Make sure the chain isn't too tight or made up of harsh material. If not adjusted properly it could cause your dog's neck to become raw with sores.



  •  Too Cold For You and Your Dog Too

Last but not least, if the weather conditions are too much for you. It will not be suitable for your dog either.


Furthermore, chaining up dogs can not only cause physical damage but psychological damage as well. Dogs on tethers can become protective and unsocial due to being constantly on the chain.  All dogs crave love, attention, and companionship from their owners so let's all try to Unchain in January!

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