This past Saturday, Brandi and I braved the cold with hundreds of other dog-crazy Atlantans to watch dogs of every shape and size prance around in their holiday finery. Where else can you find a French bulldog dressed as a menorah, a yellow lab gracefully sporting a wrapped gift box, and a whole lot of glammed-up Chihuahuas? The Reindog Parade, that's where! Despite frigid temperatures and grey skies, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens were chock-full of costumed canines strutting their stuff for the judges. Our trusty spokesdog, Boudreaux, was the unofficial Bark ATL welcome wagon for everyone (people and dogs) who came to say hello! He did a great job doling out treats and sporting his homemade, dapper Bark ATL bandanna.

Boudreaux says, "Does this jacket make me look fat?" Well... actually, it kinda does. Sorry, buddy!

We met up with one of Bark's favorite schipperkes, Willis Arnold, who had donned a shiny red vest and festive collar for the occasion. Willis and Boudreaux got to catch up for a minute while we chatted with his proud mom and dad, then it was off to line up for the parade! Catch ya later, Willis!

Oh, hey, Willis! Lovely collar!

Willis says, "Psst, Boudreaux, check out that sassy Yorkie dressed as Mrs. Claus!"

We made lots of new friends... perhaps that had something to do with the treat jar perched prominently on the edge of the table! We met a sweetfaced hound, Magnolia (Maggie), who quickly learned where to find the "treat ladies"... she came back a couple times!

Maggie works the sad hounddog face for more treats! Guess what... it worked!

We also got to meet Ringo, an adorable Brussels Griffon pup who was rocking a Santa hat and getting ready for the no-holds-barred Puppy Category of the parade competition. And guess what -- he came in second place!

Here's Ringo, fresh off his second-place victory! "Sorry, pupparazi... no comment!"

Getting to watch the actual parade was almost as fun as meeting the doggie contenders in person! The dressed-up doggies were grouped into their categories (Best Senior, Best Puppy, Best Holiday Finery, and even a Best Dog/Owner Lookalike!) and began to march along the path to the big lawn. We loved watching Huckleberry Hound, a black-and-tan who showed off some holly leaves and a rustic burlap sign that read, "Deck the Halls, Y'all!" While we were taking pictures, we saw another familiar face trot down the stage: Prada, the chihuahua! Prada is already a world-famous supermodel (

Carmen and her mom, Robin, helping each other stay warm! We love you, Carmen!

Prada and her mom, Maria, let us backstage for some pics of the supermodel chihuahua!

The Amaryllis Pit Bulb fits right in at the Botanical Gardens! One of the most clever costumes we saw!

We had such a great time at Reindog that we barely even noticed the chilly weather. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration... we were a littleexcited to turn the car heater on full blast. But what a fun way to spend a Saturday! We met so many nice folks who all share the same obsession: our wonderful, silly, sweet dogs. Congratulations to ALL who paraded through the Gardens -- everyone looked fabulous! See you next year... and in the words of Huckleberry Hound, "Deck the halls, y'all!"