Spa Services

Bath Services: Starting at $40

Bath prices start at $40 and go up according to breed size. A bath helps facilitate the growth of hair follicles and to support skin health. How often a dog should be bathed depends on a number of factors including: breed, coat, activity level, body odor and overall health.

Add-on Treatments: Starting at $10

Aside from the general purpose shampoos, there are different types of baths that can be administered. Your dog’s skin or coat may require more extensive care where specific shampoos are recommended.

Learn more about our different bath types here, which include:

Blueberry Facials

Flea Shampoo

*These types of baths will start at $10 extra in addition to your choice of bath or spa services.

We offer nail trimming, teeth brushing, deshedding, spa baths and ear cleanings with Appointments that can be made by phone or email.

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