Creative Grooming & Spa Services

  • Small dogs: $70 starting price for a full groom, $40 for bath only
  • Medium dogs: $85 starting price, $50 for bath only
  • Large dogs: $100 starting price, $60 for bath only
  • Extra-large dogs: $110 starting price, $70 for bath only

Includes: Bathing, grooming, nail dremel, ear and teeth brushing, and hand made seasonal bandana with embroidery or hair bows. Cologne can be added upon request and any spa treatment such as a blueberry facial and bubble bath pawdicure to full-service grooming or bathing for an additional $25.

*Note: Rates are at starting prices. Actual prices to be verified by groomer upon review and evaluation of dog, and extent of service to be rendered. Rates may increase based on coat condition, breed, style preference and temperament, so additional services may apply.

Mini-Grooming: Starting at $60

A mini-groom includes brush out, bathing, conditioning, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and nail dremel (light trimming may be necessary). This service is perfect for in between full grooming periods and is recommended every 2 weeks for dogs who get groomed regularly.

Bath Services: Starting at $40

Bath prices start at $40 and go up according to breed size. A bath helps facilitate the growth of hair follicles and to support skin health. How often a dog should be bathed depends on a number of factors including: breed, coat, activity level, body odor and overall health.

Add-on Treatments: Starting at $10

Aside from the general purpose shampoos, there are different types of baths that can be administered. Your dog’s skin or coat may require more extensive care where specific shampoos are recommended.

Learn more about our different bath types here, which include:

Peppermint/Aloe vera
Whitening/Black shampoo

Flea Shampoo

*These types of baths will start at $10 extra in addition to your choice of bath or spa services.

We offer nail trimming, teeth brushing, deshedding, spa baths and ear cleanings with Creative Grooming Specialist Anaïs Hayden on staff Monday through Friday by appointment only. Anaïs prefers to personally communicate with clients prior to booking so that expectations are aligned. Grooming appointments can be made by phone or email, or by filling out an intake form at the link below.

Contact Info
Phone: 404.688.2275

For your convenience, please download and sign our Grooming Waiver and Release Form for services prior to your appointment.

Creative Grooming Specialist Anaïs Hayden

west midtown creative dog grooming specialist anais hayden

Bark ATL’s very own Anaïs Hayden has 16 years’ professional dog grooming experience and certifications from Penn Foster, Creative Groomers Association and Nash Academy. She’s been featured in Groomer to Groomer magazine, Southern Living and Jezebel, and featured on many TV shows including Martha Stewart, ABC's 20/20, CNN's Anderson Cooper and CBS News. Anais has also worked her creative grooming magic for productions such as The Hunger Games and Triple 9.

Anaïs won her first Creative Grooming competition at the Atlanta Pet Fair in 2011, alongside her Chinese Crested Powderpuff Swinger. Aside from her grooming work, Anais and Swinger enjoy attending many festivities throughout the city of Atlanta. They attend dog parties, events and parades such as Gay Pride, Lupus Awareness, The International Bronner Brothers Hair Show and holiday themed parties such as St. Patrick's where they flaunt Swingers colors and grooming designs to match the themes. Anaïs also does pro bono work with the Atlanta Humane Society and Angels Among Us to help sheltered dogs find loving homes.

View Anaïs’ creative grooming work on Instagram and Facebook.