I'll start by saying that I certainly hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. It's one of the best times here at Bark ATL. We get the opportunity to spend lots of time with our pack as they board or come in while their humans go shopping or running other errands.

This is what I was thinking about the other day as I was cleaning the rooms and running the dogs outside to their owners: work can be stressful, the season can stressful, and even our dogs can make our hair stand on end; but, despite the hurly-burly lifestyles we sometimes lead, our clientele is never grumpy or rude and always has a smile on their face. Many of you who have the time will spend a moment outside with us to chat about your dog, other dogs, or whatever random comment I make about the crazy weather (I didn't say it was always stimulating conversation); still, it's been great getting to know you all.

Long story short, I just wanted to extend a thank you to all of our clients and the cheer you bring! It's been nice getting to know you and your pet(s). We look forward to seeing all of you for a long time to come. So, whenever you see we staff-members poking our head up from the back window, smiling, and waving, no matter how funny we look, we are genuinely glad you chose Bark ATL.

- Jonathan Ross

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