Did you check out our last blog post about dogs who've grown up at Bark ATL? Well, we've got a couple more for you! Like I said last week, we LOVE getting new puppies in at Bark. News of a new puppy travels fast around here!

Little Molly was so tiny when she came to us in the spring of 2009. She was a little shy on her first day, and spent most of her time playing hide-and-seek with the other dogs (mostly the "hide" part). How things have changed! Molly is still tiny, but she sure doesn't know it. It only took her a few weeks before she was running circles around the other littles! She's a crazy girl and loves playing ball with BFFs like Chili Dawg, cuddling up with Puppi, and hanging out on the lap of the closest human. But she doesn't sit still for long! She may look like a delicate little poodle, but Molly is a total tomboy at heart!

Oh, Dillon... what can I even say about this wrinkly little dachshund? He's still just as adorable as he was when he was a baby -- he just has a few less wrinkles. Dillon is one of the sweetest doxies we have at Bark! As a third-generation dachshund lover, I was obsessed with this little weiner dog from the first time I met him. He's so snuggly, soft, and sweet, and even the guys on our staff melt a little bit when he comes in the door. (it's true!)

And then there's Boudreaux. Yes, another dachshund! Boudreaux is actually my sister's dog. (remember that part about me being a 3rd-generation dachshund lover? it's a family tradition!) While Dillon was a sweet, cuddly baby dachshund, Boudreaux was a ragin' Cajun dachshund. He was WILD here at Bark ATL! He never really had that shy, timid puppy stage like little Molly the toy poodle. He was pretty much running the show in Little Pup Lane from the moment he walked in the door! Boudreaux is obsessed with playing fetch, so of course he loved hanging out with champion fetcher Bailey the Jack Russell. He moved to China when my sister had to relocate there last year, but he'll be back in 2011... and I'm sure he'll be ready to play!

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