Hello, BARK ATL Family!


In the next few weeks, we'll be giving you a FREE Day Care Referral Coupon when you drop off or pick up your dog.


Here's what it looks like:



Here's how it works:


Get the coupon from BARK ATL day care runner staff


Make sure your dog's name is on the back of the card where it says "Referred by"


Take your coupon to the dog park, on your dog walk, or anywhere you know you'll see a fellow dog owner to pass it onto!


Pass on your coupon to a great dog!


When that dog comes to BARK & brings the coupon, your dog will get a FREE DAY and we'll let you know when that happens!


AND, the new dog also gets a FREE DAY!



How easy is that?


Dog-gone easy, and fun, too. Your dog's best buds may be coming to stay and play at BARK ATL! Wouldn't your dog be happy to see his friends from home at BARK ATL!?!


Spread the word! And get a FREE day!





Next time you head to the dog park, tell a friend!


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