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It is increasingly becoming more and more common for pet parents to bring their pets along when they travel. This calls for accommodating to their needs and booking a stay at a pet-friendly hotel.  In this post, we explore the pros and cons of bringing your pet along with you on your trip versus booking your dog a stay at a cage-free doggie hotel.

It is understandable that a pet parent may want to bring their pooch along with them on their trip due to unwanted separation. However, there are some factors to consider in this scenario that could cost you.

True Costs of Bringing Your Pet To A Hotel

Nobody wants to be that pet parent who left their dog alone in the hotel room, only to find out their pup has barked the whole entire time! Not only is it heartbreaking to think your dog may have been upset, scared, and lonely, but it also can be a disturbance to other travelers near you at the hotel.

Furthermore, it could affect the entire pet travel community. Some hotels across the globe now prohibit leaving pets in your hotel room unsupervised. Dog behaviorists may even advise these pet travelers to plan to include a dog walker in their budget for the times they’d want to be out and about without their furry friend.

If you bring your pet with you when you travel, there are costs. Don’t forget that your furry friend has needs and wants, and it may be overwhelming to cater to your pet while simultaneously trying to enjoy your vacation or cross out things on your travel bucket list.

Pros of Bringing Your Dog On Your Trip

  • You can experience traveling with your furry friend
  • Neither you and your dog will experience separation anxiety

Cons of Bringing Your Dog On Your Trip

  • Airline travel with pets is challenging
  • Hotels may require an extra fee for pets
  • You may have to leave your dog alone in the room at some point
  • If left alone in the hotel room, your dog may feel stress from being in a strange environment which could lead to:
    • Barking that disturbs other guests staying in the hotel
    • Chewing hotel furniture or accidents for which you'll be charged
  • Your vacation planning may be more chaotic
  • You may have to worry about unknown diseases in foreign places

Pros of Booking a Stay at a Cage-Free Doggie Hotel

  • You won't have to find accommodating places to visit and stay
  • You can relax and travel comfortably without having to worry about searching for a pet-friendly hotel
  • You can lessen the load on your shoulders by not having to leave your pooch alone in the hotel
  • You can explore the city you are visiting without limiting yourself to only pet-friendly places
  • Your dog will receive the love and attention she wants and needs!
  • Your dog will be able to make new friends and have her own fun while you have yours!

Cons of Booking a Stay at a Cage-Free Doggie Hotel

  • You may miss your furry friend while you are vacationing
  • Your dog must be current with vaccines


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