What an interesting 2010 this has been so far! We had a "Georgia Blizzard" here at Bark ATL and the dogs absolutely loved every second of it! Some were trying to catch the snowflakes as they fell, some were trying to dig the leaves out of the frozen water on the ground. To some of the dogs, this was their first real snowfall! We were glad we got to see their reactions and how they dealt with this changing of the seasons.

"Dakota paws at the snowflakes as they were falling!"

Some dogs even have their very own winter wardrobe! Some of the highlights of winter fashion week were Prada's Juicy jacket and her UGA sweater, Puppi's pink sweater with a light pink trim and Watson's fashionable orange sweater, perfect color to match his auburn hair!

Here are some more adorable pictures of our snow dogs!

"Rosie the Brittany couldn't get enough!"

"Bette Davis would take big mouthfuls of the snow!"

"Boo's an old pro at this snow thing since she's lived in Colorado before!"

"Ripley treads lightly, a change for him!"

We would like to thank everyone for making 2009 the best year yet here at Bark ATL! In a world of corporations, we appreciate your patronage and will always deliver the best in customer service, quality care and LOTS OF BELLY RUBS!!!

Have a wonderful 2010!!!

---Brandi and the Bark ATL Staff

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