Posted by: Aimee T. (Assistant Manager)


If you’ve been watching BARK TV aka our BARK Cams, you might be familiar with the black lab that can dash across the screen in a millisecond. That quick footed lab is little miss Evey!


This little miss evey!!


Can you believe she started out in Little Pup Lane!? But after many tests and countless hours of hopping, snoozing and sniffing, this girl earned herself straight Ms in class and found herself in Big Dog Way. (BARK factoid: the M grade stands for “Moving On to the Bigs!”)


Needless to say, Evey made quite the impression in her new class… maybe it’s because of her creative and sensitive Virgo personality, but whatever it is…she’s made close pals like Aiden and together they’re seeing the world in new and exciting ways!!



We also hear that Evey’s got quite a fun and sophisticated life outside of school, check out her twitter for proof…Seriously! She’s the doggie queen of the twitterverse!


She entertains herself with long walks, and exhibits such poise!



What a nature dog! Evey also likes the occasional dramatic gaze out into the waters, surely followed by an energetic retriever swim!


She loves play dates as well as chasing her two kitty siblings. Evey is also an advocate for doggy cleanliness…check her out in a promo for her one-dog Campaign for the Clean!



Wow what an inspirational pup! And one of the best things about her is that she is versatile and gets along with different sized groups. She tries her very best to keep it crunk with the bigs, although she does put on a good mellow face if ever she’s called into the middle room. This is exactly the type of versatility that makes facilitating playtime at the Bark very simple and fun!


Here she is with another “medium” dog, funky miss Romi!


Hard to believe she’s the same dog that dashes across the BARK TV screens all day huh?! Well we love Evey in all her moods and are looking forward to many more schooldays and playtimes!


Lastly we leave you with this endearing picture because by now you’re probably in love with miss Evey, it’s okay, we are too!