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Bella may not be the biggest Great Dane (yet), but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in looks and personality! And what we love most about Bella is her growth! She came to us in April as a shy, and I mean really shy puppy.


Here’s a shot of her meeting her new schoolmates:


SIGH, it’s hard being the new girl! Her first few days were tough, she cowered in the corner wondering why her dad had brought her around so many bizarre and curious doggies. But after getting familiar with our human and dog pack, Bella came out of her shell.


We were so excited the day Bella came in for daycare and began jumping around with her new friends, flash forward to last week, and this girl is on fire! Leaping and playing with friends like there’s no tomorrow, Go girl!


She leaps ever so elegantly, and isn’t afraid to demonstrate her skills:


And yes, she does occasionally like to just chill in the sunshine like the rest of them:


Bella has quirks that make caring for her a very comedic experience. For example, this girl will gobble up her entire bowl of food before it even hits the ground! We also suspect she runs on solar power because we’re sure she gets huge energy boosts from the sun! We just can’t find where she’s hiding those dang panels!! She is also part-kangaroo… well, at least we think she is (you never know with rescues!). She just cannot stop hopping around, it’s the funniest sight, good thing she isn’t as large as the other Danes in our pack. 🙂


After school, Bella enjoys chilling on the couch, going to Park Grounds and to Piedmont Park , especially for the Great Dane meet-up. And in case you have just fallen head over heels in love with her and are debating on whether to get her a birthday or Christmas gift this year, we’ll make it easy for you, her birthday is none other than Christmas day itself! She’ll be turning 1 this year, ooooh we just can’t wait for that party!!!


We love you Bella!


Sniffs and Smooches!

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