Posted by: Aimee T., Assistant Manager


Sophie, Oh, Sophie! What can I say about this feisty girl that hasn’t already been said? Well for one, she has been one of our main sources of entertainment every Tuesday, without fail! But let’s go back to the beginning…for little Sophie life truly began when her mama took her home as a small puppy… how small you ask? Check this out, ADORABLE!



And while she didn’t end up as the 30-40 pound dog she was expected to be, she took her time becoming a big girl, and definitely cherished the lap-dog privileges of her then teeny weeny frame.


Sophie’s favorite thing to do as a little girl was to shadow her mama and submit to her chunky kitty sibling, Scout. Today she also spends time honing her skills as a water-biter… for those of you who don’t know, “water-biting” is rumored to become the newest ‘It sport’ for urban dogs all over the world…here is Sophie’s demonstration.



This girl know how to chomp on some H20!!



I’m sure she has fishy DNA somewhere in her body, haha!


She also loves to ride in style….



Can you say “diva!”?


Ah, and after an afternoon of top-down cruising, and splashing around the creek, Sophie passes out with even more style.



At BARK, we have been lucky to see this girl grow into a smart and independent young lady-dog. In fact, after her first birthday, she flashed us this pretty smile:



We got the chance to work with her trainer, Meredith of Canine PhD, so that we would be able to help Sophie be the best playmate she can be. And it worked! No more time-outs for this wild girl, which means more time playing and bonding with her BFFs.


Here she is getting cozy with gal pal Ellie:



Miss Sophie is a great example of what good training and a supportive entourage can do for a daycare regular! Go girl! We are so proud of you!


Finally, when asked what she would wish for if she found herself a genie, Sophie wished for 3 things: 1) and endless game of tug-o-war with her mommy, 2) a queen-size bed in the middle of waterfall made entirely of yummy bones; and 3) for her boyfriend Tyson to put a ring on it!


(Sophie’s boyfriend, Tyson, was not available for a picture but you can still read all about their romance in our gossip post from a few weeks ago)


What a funny and wonderful kid! We love you Sophie and look forward to the time we’ll spend with you in the future!


Sniff, Sniff, Smooch!