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JUST IN: Atlanta Socialite Gets a Face Lift!!!


Liz Lemon was spotted Monday at the Bark ATL poolside recovering from what sources call a “small medical procedure”. Liz Lemon has been known to stop traffic once or twice with her gorgeous golden, brown and black mug, which leads us to question why she would ever have the procedure. Friends of Liz Lemon, however, say she did NOT have a face lift and that she just got a really intense facial at Le Spa De Bark. Liz Lemon could not be reached for comments on the rumors, but you be the judge. Did she or didn’t she?


Liz Lemon BEFORE


Liz Lemon AFTER


SPOTTED: Secret Lovers Hide Away in Mid-Hound Lounge!!


Bark regulars Sophie and Tyson have had their share of love affairs, but staff members told the Bark Enquirer that the two have been spotted several times hiding out in their Mid-Hound Lounge love nest. When asked about the affair, Tyson said “Woof! Woof! Woooooof! Arf!” … our resident doggie translator confirmed that Tyson was indeed involved in said love affair. Sophie added “Bow Wow Wow Boo” which translates into “Yes, He’s my boo!”. Sophie was previously involved with local playboy Maxwell (the Great Dane) but seems very happy in her new relationship. On behalf of the Bark Enquirer staff, I’d like to wish them both the best of luck in 2012 and beyond! Just look at these happy pups!


Here they are gazing into each other’s eyes, too sweet.



These two are inseparable! True love never looked so good!



ON THE SCENE: New Party Pup on the Bark scene!!


In case you’re out of the loop, here’s an update on the newest party pup to hit the scene. Oh yes! Alfie is definitely making a name for himself in these halls. Alfie comes to us from the North and ever since his arrival he has been partying up almost every night!


This is Alfie on his first day at Bark, way back in January!


Look shy? Think again! Here he is with his posse, Bark party veterans Bentley and Zumba! Planning their next big adventure I’m sure.



When those three are in the house, it’s sure to be a great time!! And our sources also tell us that lately Alfie has had his eye on a certain little lady…


You guessed it! It’s Coco he’s after. Can you say summer romance?! This playboy might just settle down with cool and calm Coco…. Or maybe not, heh heh, tune in for updates!


Well that’s it for this round of Bark Enquirer Doggie Gossip! I’ll be back soon with more juicy stories about our lively and funny pack! Everyday is a great day to play at the Bark and we’re very thankful to all the dogs who keep us (and you) entertained. Also, remember to check out the online Bark Cams to watch some of these stories unfold!


Sniff! Sniff! Woof! Woof!





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