Sharing a home with a pet is one of life’s great joys; there’s nothing more heartwarming than your furry best friend’s excitement when you walk in the door after a long day!


With the joy and unconditional love that a pet brings come plenty of responsibilities. In addition to food, water, love, and veterinary care, we must provide them with a safe and healthy environment in which to live. 


It’s essential to keep that in mind when looking for the right rental home for you and your pet. If you’re in the market for an Atlanta apartment, here are some do’s and don’ts about renting with your pet


  • Consider size, location, and proximity to pet-friendly amenities when you’re apartment browsing.


One of the most obvious things to consider when apartment browsing with your pet is the amount of square footage you need for everyone to be comfortable. If you have a small dog, chances are, you won’t need a whole lot of room. However, big dogs need more room to stretch. 


Also, think about location and proximity to places that contribute to your pet’s health and well-being. Look for a location near a dog park or a public park with walking trails for you to explore. Even if your new place does feature a small yard, it’s always a good idea to take your dog out for some exercise! 


If possible, try to find a place near a veterinarian clinic (bonus points for a 24-hour emergency clinic) and/or a pet daycare. Some complexes even feature on-site pet-friendly amenities as well, such as dog parks, pet grooming stations, and more.

  • Familiarize yourself with the common fees associated with having a pet in your apartment and budget accordingly!


While pet rules and guidelines may vary, pet-rental fees are usually pretty standard no matter where you rent. You’ll usually need to pay pet rent (an ongoing charge added to your rent each month for having a pet), the pet fee (a non-refundable up-front fee), and the pet deposit (a refundable fee paid upfront).

  • Create a plan to make the transition to your new place as comfortable for your pet as possible.


Moving is rarely fun, but with the disruption to their routine and the abrupt change in scenery, it can be downright traumatic for your pet. They need reassurance from you that everything is ok, and there’s no need to be nervous. 


You can help during the move by feeding them and taking them out at the usual time every day. Also, provide plenty of play time and extra affection.


When you do find a place and settle in, give them plenty of time to explore their new surroundings. Stay nearby, but give them the freedom to have a look around and find their new favorite spots!


  • Assume pet rental policies and breed laws are the same everywhere.


Different states have different laws regarding dog breeds; some even have “breed bans” prohibiting the ownership of certain dogs (particularly larger breeds like German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Pit Bulls, etc.) 


Likewise, landlords have the right to establish their own rules about breed and size when renting an apartment to a dog owner. Therefore, it’s essential to review those rules and expectations before getting attached to a place. 

  • Hesitate to communicate and, if needed, negotiate with a landlord over their pet policies.


That said, it may be possible to negotiate with the landlord about your gentle giant Rottweiler or Pit Bull sweetie. Some landlords will allow you to make a case for your dog by providing a CV, references, and even a recommendation from your vet. 


If your potential landlord is a dog lover, arranging for an in-person meeting between them and your best friend may sway their judgment, too!

  • Forget to pet-proof the apartment.


A new home means new places to scratch and chew! Keep that in mind while moving in.


For instance, if your puppy is a chewer and has shown particular interest in door frames in the past, take extra care to protect those in your new place while you work to deter that behavior. If your kitty loves to scratch the living room carpet in your old place, keep her nails trimmed and present her with plenty of scratch pads in the new one.


Home Sweet Home!

Whether your furry bestie is a 120-pound couch potato with a constantly wagging tail or a frisky housecat who spends her time stalking birds from the windowsill, it’s hard to imagine life without them. 


We hope this quick list of do’s and don’ts for renting with your pet helps you get settled into the perfect place together in no time!

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