Halloween Dog Makeover by Anais

During this time of year, some of us like to dress our dogs up for holidays; thus, looking for the perfect Halloween dog makeover. There are numerous ways to fit your dog in for the holiday festivities. You may choose to dress them up in costumes but there is also the option of adding color and designs to your dog which will help add to their holiday look.

Finding the Right Look for Your Dog's Halloween Makeover 

  • If you want to go all out, you may choose to dress your dog in both a costume and also add color with safe paint to compliment the chosen ensemble. 
  • You may opt for your dog to just be in Halloween colors and designs without a costume. 
  • Your dog can have Halloween related designs such as spiders, bats and ghosts placed on their hip or have candy corn colors on their tail. This is where you can more easily get as creative as you want. 
  • Aside from adding color, you can add bling on their ears, nail art, and add feathers to accent your dog’s look. 
  • Consider your dog’s personality when choosing the perfect Halloween makeover, whether you decide to dress your dog up in costume, color or both.  

Benefits of Adding Color

  • With your dog’s new makeover they could attend dog-related Halloween contests and events. 
  • Adding color to their coats will make for a better Halloween photoshoot and draw more attention during trick-or-treating with family and Halloween parties. 
  • Adding color and designs to their coat will make your dog look unique and add extra flare. 
  • This unique makeover can bring out your dog's best features and compliment their individual personalities.
  • Most of all, your dog will adore the love and attention this extra color brings to them. 

Is Painting Your Dog Safe?

Yes, this pampering process is safe. Non-toxic dyes and products are always used by me and should be used by you. Also, any accessories used should be applied safely with the dogs health and best interest in mind. In the event that you decide to make your dog extra colorful, it is a guarantee that your furbaby will be a big hit amongst your friends and family.  

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