We love our jobs here at Bark ATL. I mean, we get to play with dogs all day -- what could be better? Well, one of the best parts of being a dog attendant here is getting to watch our Bark ATL puppies grow up. Of course, we love each and every one of the dogs in our pack, but witnessing a dog's transformation from wrinkly puppy to clumsy teenager to mature (in some cases!) adult is like being part of its family. We've had so many great dogs begin their journey at Bark ATL as adorable pups, and we just love getting to watch them as they grow and change. Believe me, there are few things more exciting for the staff here than hearing about a brand-new cute puppy. And almost equally fun is looking back on their puppy pictures a year or two later, when they're a little less clumsy and a LOT bigger!

I personally remember the day that Yoyo joined the Bark ATL pack in March of 2009, simply because I was completely overwhelmed by her cuteness. Yoyo was a tiny, shy rescue puppy with goofy big paws and the sharpest little puppy teeth I think I've ever seen (or felt). Nowadays, she pretty much runs the show in Big Dog Way! But she started off hanging out with Bailey (the jack russell) and Rosie the beagle, because she only weighed about 15 lbs when she started at Bark. She grew and grew, and by the time she was ready to meet the big dog pack, she had more crazy puppy energy than the little dogs knew what to do with! She fit in perfectly with the bigs, where she met future BFFs like Lady, Sheba, and Olive. We love watching Yoyo play because she goes totally nuts when she gets excited, and gets a HUGE grin on her face. She's not a puppy anymore, but we all think she's still adorable!

The whole staff was immediately obsessed with Thriller when he first came here last October. The spunky little dalmatian puppy had soft fur, cool spots, and an awesome name! It was love. We all fawned over him, and so did the little dogs -- the same ones who had played with Yoyo when she was a baby. Like Yoyo, Thriller has an inordinate amount of fun energy, which certainly kept things exciting in Little Pup Lane while he was there. But he's a lover, too! I'm sure you've all seen pictures of Thriller cuddling up with his latest love interest. It must be his favorite way to unwind after hours and hours of playing chase with Pete and wrestling with Yoyo!

Of course, I couldn't talk about adorable Bark ATL puppies without mentioning BooBoo. Everyone at Bark has a special attachment to this sweet pit mix, because she was rescued by our manager, Bre. Bre searched high and low to find the perfect home for little BooBoo. One of our wonderful customers, Sevi, had been bringing her pit mix puppy in to Bark for several months at the time and decided to see what Mocha would think about having a sister. Well, Mocha and BooBoo have been completely inseparable ever since! The two girls are such a fun pair to have in the pack, because they are constantly getting everyone in the group to play, play, play! It's been great watching BooBoo grow up. She was such a cute little pup when Bre brought her to Bark, and now she's a wild, fun girl in Big Dog Way!

Stay tuned for more puppy love stories!