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It is now 2017 and we’re going to have to say it, “New year, new you!”

As a dog parent, your dog's health and overall quality of life is also a top priority. Although keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions is not the easiest task, Bark ATL is here with 5 tips to guide you on keeping your dog healthy and happy in the new year!

1. Make an effort to learn more about dog nutrition

There are many dog owners who mindlessly feed their dog any cheap, dry food that they can get their hands on at the supermarket, without checking the ingredient list. Do your research! Have you ever thought of introducing fresh, organic vegetables to your dog's diet? How about feeding your dog a home cooked diet? In the new year, try to make the effort to learn more about dog food and what you are putting into your dog's body.

2. Use organic, non-toxic dog shampoos

Check the ingredient list on your dog's shampoo! How many toxic chemicals are on the list? Your dog's skin is a lot more sensitive than yours. It's important to be selective when choosing a shampoo for your dog. Stick to organic, non-toxic natural formulas so your dog can get clean while also retaining the oils on her skin. These natural oils are crucial in order to prevent your dog from itching, which can be caused by rashes and dandruff from most popular dog shampoos.

3. Use natural remedies to get rid of fleas

Try ditching the toxic flea medicine and stick to natural remedies when treating your furry friend from fleas and/or ticks. Dog medication are full of unknown chemicals that could potentially harm your dog's health. To learn more about this topic, read our blog post on using natural remedies to treat your dog from fleas and ticks by clicking here. 

4. Spend more time with your dog

This one is important for your dog's happiness! Your dog may only be a part of your life, but to your dog you are her whole world. Make the effort to spend more time with your dog. Try going on more walks, take her to the park, and/or have frequent cuddle sessions. Dogs are emotional and sociable creatures, so quality time is crucial in order to keep your furry friend as happy as they can be.

5. Don’t leave your dog home alone

If you are in a situation where you are unable to take your dog with you to wherever you must go, try not to leave her at home alone for entire days or nights. Confinement, loneliness, and physical restraint are common causes for stressed dogs. When dogs experience stress, it can have a direct effect on their mental, emotional, and physical health. Dog walkers, pet sitters and cage-free doggie daycare (like Bark ATL) are great alternatives.


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