We celebrated Toby's birthday yesterday here at Bark ATL. What a great day for a party! Toby decided he wanted to get dressed up for his big shindig. He decided to go with the Hawaiian look. I think it was a great choice. Too bad we didn't have a coconut bra!
Toby invited a few of his close Bark ATL buddies to join his celebration. The guests included:
Madison & Presley
And Fergus!
Once all of the guests arrived it was party time!
We had plenty of Lick A Lots ice cream and they all enjoyed it.
What's that yummy smell???
It's pupcakes!! We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Toby and then it was time to grub.
Toby first!
Fergus says they are so good he thinks he's died and gone to heaven!
Now that our bellies are full it's time to par-tay!!
Toby is definitely the party animal. Only he would use a hat as a horn!
We sure did have a wild bunch! These kids wanted to party all day long.
Unfortunately the party had to come to an end but by then they were all tuckered out.
Everyone at Bark ATL wishes you a very Happy Birthday Toby!
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