One of America’s favorite holidays is right around the corner. This particular holiday comes around at the dawn of fall. In the emergence of this holiday you will see pumpkin encarved with ghoulish faces goldenly lit through the night, endless reruns of your favorite scary movies all month long, and the discovery of astronomically large bags of candy. While those are many great attributes of this holiday the best part of it all is the final day of the month that you get to dress up as anything or anyone that you want. After throwing all of these hints you have correctly guessed this amazing holiday is called Halloween


In this blog post, we discuss our top tips for enjoying Halloween with your dog:



Halloween can be loads of fun with your friends, family, and your pup. If you choose to have your pup tag along there are a few trick or treat tips that you should adhere to.


  • Do Not Take Your Dog Out If He Is Not Friendly.


Dogs are very picky about who and what they will deal with. If you know that your dog is not a people’s person or aggressive with other dogs it would not be a good idea to take them trick-or-treating. It will be dangerous to put your dog, people, other dogs at risk if you do not have a friendly dog.


  • Put Reflective Tags On Your Dog.


There will be many people out and about , and sometimes your dog will not be in eye’s view. Make sure upon leaving the house to put a reflective tag on your pup or bring a flashlight with you. This will ensure your visibility.


  • Bring Your Pet Necessities.


When trick-or-treating be sure to bring the usual items that you would if you were going to the park. A few items to keep in mind would be water, snacks, toys, and of course doggie bags.


  • Is Your Pet Happy?


Before leaving the house and while trick-or-treating assess if your dog is up to the outing. If your dog seems unhappy don’t force him to go or stay out.


  • Keep Corn and Pumpkins Away!


These Halloween plants can be a beautiful addition to decoration and delicious family recipes, but they can be dangerous to your dog. Plants as such can cause intestinal blockage if large pieces are swallowed and induce gastrointestinal upset if indulged in large quantities.


  • Never Feed Trick-or-Treat Candy To Dogs!


Subsequently, Candies that are given away during these festivities are usually made with artificial sweetener called “xylitol” and it can be very poisonous to dogs. This sweetener can cause dogs blood sugar to drop rapidly, loss of coordination, and seizures. All forms of chocolate are also lethal to dogs if given even in small amounts.


In conclusion , your dog can join your family and friends for fun festivities. Make sure you follow these tips to ensure a safe outing.




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