Most dogs enjoy being around other dogs & socializing in a pack. Since our facility is totally cage-free, your dog will enjoy being with other dogs without being caged. The first day of day care helps to determine whether your dog enjoys doggy day care. Not every dog is a “day care” dog. If your dog is not enjoying the day, or if your dog seems uncomfortable or unhappy at all, we are dedicated to letting you know & advising against doggy day care. We want every dog in our pack to enjoy the day! If that’s not happening, we’ll let you know. We don’t want you to waste your money, and we don’t want dogs in the pack if they’re not happy to be here. Chances are, your dog will love doggy day care if he/she enjoys being around other dogs. Most dogs can’t wait to get into BARK ATL & become very excited when they realize they are coming for a day of play!