At BARK ATL, we offer completely cage-free day care AND boarding. This means that your dog will not be in any sort of cage / crate / enclosure during the day or night. We are a smaller facility, so we don’t have 100 dogs boarding a night – we average about 15-20 dogs a night, so your dog won’t be “lost in the pack”. The dogs sleep in the same areas they play in during the day. At about 7:30 pm we feed all the dogs. Then we bring out all the fluffy beds and blankets, dim the lights & turn on the soft music. The dogs are so tired after a long day of play & they are relaxed & ready to curl up with their friends, next to their friends, or in a comfy corner by themselves. Last potty break is at about 9:00-9:30 pm. We take out all the dogs in their sleeping groups (small dogs with small dogs / big dogs with big dogs). Night lights stay on in the hall way & a staff member spends the night in the facility with the dogs to make sure everyone sleeps well through the night.

Only dogs that pass the temperament test at BARK ATL (and only dogs that have stayed for day care at BARK ATL) are allowed to board with us. We have ZERO tolerance for aggression of any kind. Rest assured that your dog is playing during the day & sleeping at night with ONLY very sociable, non-aggressive, sweet dogs!