After waiting all year our favorite holiday at Bark ATL, Christmas, is right around the corner. The holiday season means that the sweet smell of pine tree aurora is in the air, every retail store is playing your favorite Christmas jam, (if your friends and family are paying attention) you get awesome gifts, and most of all, you are reminded that this is the time of year to spend time with your loved ones.  And, while you are preparing for the upcoming festivities, don't forget to put your dog on Santa's nice list.

While your dog cannot write you a thorough list of everything that they want for Christmas,  we are here to help you make the decision much easier. We have done our research and want to help you find the perfect gift for your best fur-friend.  Here are our favorites:


The Doggie Fountain  

The Doggie Fountain entertains and keeps your dog hydrated when you aren't around. The Doggie Fountain is a water fountain created for dogs that provides a fresh water supply that cannot evaporate or become sullied with debris.

Dog Treat Maker

Save money by purchasing the Dog Treat Maker. You will no longer have to go out to the store in order to get your dog's favorite treats. Now you can make healthy preservative free treats for your dog from home.

Dog Treat Launcher

Add some spark into your pet's life with this cool gadget. The Dog Treat Launcher is a gadget that allows you to add your pets favorite treat's and launch them into the air at a single press of the button.

Everlasting Treat Ball

Keep your pet active and mentally engaged with the Everlasting Treat Ball. The Everlasting Treat Ball is a ball that can be filled with small treats. This ball is a great toy to keep your pup occupied.

Personalized Feeding Bowl

Don't be boring! Throw out that old dull food bowl and replace it with a personalized one.


Be home away from home. Never miss a moment of your pup's actions with Pet Chatz. Pet Chatz is a digital daycare pet cam. Pet Chatz features two way video chatting, treat , games, aromatherapy, and TV for your dog.

Bark Box Subscription

Christmas comes every month for your dog with the Bark Box Subscription. The Bark Box Subscription is a uniquely curated monthly box that features innovative toys , dog treats, and chews.

Pet Sofa

Are you tired of your dog jumping on,  shedding hair, and drooling all over your sofa? A great solution for preventing these problems furthermore would be to get your dog a Pet Sofa.

Pet Canopy Bed

For those who can't spoil their dog enough, upgrade your basic pet bed with a lavish canopy bed. Not only is this a great addition for décor but will have your pup sleeping like royalty.

Matching Outfits

  unique Christmas gifts

Last but not least , a matching outfit for you and your pup is the most unique. It is a rare occasion to see someone wearing the same outfit as their dog. A matching outfit will make a perfect gift for you and your dog.