ways to exercise with your dog

Ways To Exercise With Your Dog


Staying active is an essential component of living a healthy lifestyle that applies to both humans and dogs. Exercising can help prevent obesity, behavioral problems, and merely the overall well-being of the dog and pet owner.   Fitness professionals recommend exercising with your dog daily at least a few times per week. Here is a list of our favorite activities that Bark ATL customers do with their dogs:


  • Stair Climbing

Climbing up and down the stairs with your pooch is an excellent source of exercise. While climbing the stairs: your quads, hamstrings, and glutes have to work very hard. You will be able to tighten the lower half of your body, while your dog burns calories.



  • Soccer

Soccer is a fun way to exercise with your dog. Playing soccer will help boost both of your heart rates and help burn calories. Once your dog gets the hang of dribbling the ball with his nose or paw, you both can hit the field for fun.



  • Dog Yoga

Many people are unaware that dogs are highly capable of doing yoga. Dogs are natural at performing yoga. Doing yoga with your dog can be relaxing and a great way to bond together.



  • Cycling

Cycling with your dog is another great way to exercise together. If you have a dog with high energy, this exercise is a great way to release it. This exercise is also good for dogs with behavioral issues.



  • Swimming

Last but not least, swimming is a fun exercise for the dog and the pet owner to enjoy. Dogs are natural swimmers as well. Swimming is a low impact exercise that helps the muscles. This will also be a great exercise to keep cool during the summer heat.



Hopefully, our favorites inspire you to add these to your workout routine with your dog.