Hey there people! My name is Miss Ginger Belle and I'm a poodle. I have the best Mommy in the world because she takes me to Bark ATL, which she calls "the Rolls Royce of doggy daycare". I get pampered and loved all day long, which is great because if you know anything about poodles is that we LOVE attention. That's all I get at Bark ATL, lots and lots of love!

Today was great because they had so many dogs here to play with me and we had our Christmas pictures taken (they put a pretty holiday collar on me & I felt very sassy)! Wednesdays are the busiest day of the week so I love coming then and today was so festive & FUN! There is lots of action going on and I need to always be in the know about it! Most of all, I love the people at Bark ATL because they're so sweet and nice and let me do whatever I want (within reason, of course, a lady always keeps her tact!).

Won't you come play with me next Wednesday? I would love another poodle friend to hang out with!

Thanks, Miss Ginger Belle

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