Every day is a new day at BARK ATL.When the doors open at 7:00 am, we have already fed our boarding pack and they've already been outside once, if not twice (all the dogs are early risers around here!). The boarding pack is up and ready to meet and greet all the day care dogs. The dogs start dropping off right at 7:00, and we never know who will be coming for day care from day to day (this may change when we implement reservations some day soon). So one day we may have a rowdy big dog pack, and the next day there are more little dogs running the place! So you may be asking yourself, "Who plays in Mid Hound Lounge?" We have some customers who fear their dog is in "time out" when he's playing in the middle dog room. What really happens in Mid Hound Lounge?


The ever-changing pack at BARK ATL.


Mid Hound Lounge is a very flexible space, and we use it for many different reasons. Sometimes, we have a handful of large-breed puppies, too small for the big dogs and too large and rough playing for the teeny-tiny dogs. On a day like that, Mid Hound Lounge transforms into a wild puppy playground. Other days, we have a few older dogs, or slower moving dogs. Maybe the dog just had surgery or perhaps he has a disability of some sort. These dogs love Mid Hound Lounge because they get to take it easy and rest most of the day without big or little dogs pestering them. Lots of days we have a few dogs (sometimes big, sometimes little) that are WILD! They just play and play and play, sometimes running around so wildly that the other dogs just don't get it! These mini packs of hard-core players sometimes need to just go at it and play and play and play with each other until they are a little calmer and ready to integrate into the larger pack. That's why Mid Hound Lounge is sometimes just a bunch of streaking figures on the BARK Cam!


Puppy love at BARK ATL.


As you all know BARK ATL is completely cage-free, so if your dog is in Mid Hound Lounge, don't worry! It's not a "time out" area. It's just another spot to play, or sleep, or lounge around, or have some wild romping time at BARK ATL! Our managers and our day care attendants are very aware of each dog's temperament each day. Just like people, sometimes your dog has a super-hyper fun day and other days can be lazy, chill out days. And every day is a different mix of personalities! We adapt our space to best suit the pack on a daily (and hourly) basis, and you can be assured that your dog will spend his time in the play room best suited to his ever-changing mood!


Puppy play at BARK ATL.


Sweet, blind Murphy gets to rest away from the pack.



See you in Mid Hound Lounge! WOOF, WOOF!