You heard me! We want to hear how much you love Bark ATL and why!! Is it our small play groups?? Our super friendly staff?? The web cams?? We recently sent out a questionnaire asking this and we got some great feedback. Here are some of the things our Bark family had to say about us:
1) During a recent extended trip abroad, the staff actually scheduled the big dog outdoor time around my internet availability so that I could check on my dog over BarkCams. They also specifically focused on keeping him in sight during that hour. I was SO thankful for the extra effort put in by this wonderful staff!
2) Our dog Abbey loves staying at BARK ATL. Before we knew about BARK ATL, we went to our vet to see the pens that they kept the dogs in. Abbey kept her tail firmly between her legs and shook with terror. She really likes the staff at BARK ATL.
3) I am very happy I found you guys because I always feel safe leaving Biscuit there when I'm out of town and for daycare. He is a very active dog and when he comes home exhausted, I know he's had the time of his life!
4) Thank you for allowing the so-called "aggressive" breeds. My pitbull is very timid and scared of just about everything, but when she gets in the pack, she has so much fun playing that she forgets all her worries & acts like a normal dog. So thank you thank you thank you!!!
5) I am extremely happy with Bark Atlanta. Every member of staff I've met has been friendly, kind and clearly interested in my dog. I love being able to contact via email, and my emails have always been answered promptly and thoroughly. I love the cage-free play and sleep rooms,which seems to most mimic a dog's natural pack tendencies. Thanks!
6) I love all of the great pictures on Facebook, Twitter and now the blog! Sometimes I am not able to watch the web cams but I know I can check Facebook and see my dog having fun.
So what's your favorite thing about Bark ATL?? We want to hear from you. Please feel free to tell us if there is anything we can improve on or new things you would like to see us do. If you get a chance click here to watch our Yelp video and make sure to leave us a review, too!
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