All dogs require grooming. Grooming is necessary for their health and makes them look great. In order for your dog to be professionally groomed they are required to go to a groomer. Getting groomed can be a scary experience for your dog so it is important they feel comfortable and safe. Building a happy and healthy relationship between your dog and their groomer is an essential part of their lives. 

Finding A Groomer

To begin your dog’s journey through life it is good to find them a suitable groomer by the time they reach 4 months old. It is best to start getting your dog used to a groomer by the time they reach 4 months old so that they can get used to being handled for grooming. It is not good to wait till they are about 6 to 12 months old to begin that journey because at that point they have almost reached maturity and have already gotten accustomed to the life you made for them. So grooming for the first time can be more frightening and confusing for them if introduced to them too late. 

Things To Consider 

  • Location:  Do you want a groomer closer to your job or home for easy drop off and pick up accommodations. 
  • Good References:  You may want to find a groomer that comes highly recommended, has credentials, or one who specializes in specific requests such as breed styles and  working with handicap dogs.
  • Affordable:   Make sure the type of grooming you require is within your price range. Different breeds and style preferences may vary so it is good to ask around so that you know what to expect.
  • Compatibility:  Most of all you want a groomer that makes you and your dog feel welcomed, safe and secure. 


What To Expect 

When going to the groomer there will be a meet and greet as well as paperwork to fill out. It is good to have vet vaccinations already faxed over or on hand when you arrive. Whether it is your dogs first time getting groomed or their first time at a new grooming establishment it is good for them to have a good impression on where they will be staying for a few hours. 

Things that your dog may experience when taking them to be groomed:

  • Nervousness:  Your dog is in a new or different environment and that can cause shyness 
  • Body Language:  Your dog may be afraid which may result to trembling, soiling themselves, or they may display hesitancy. There are some dogs that may feel happy and right at home. 

Tips For A Great Grooming Experience

Expect yourself to be nervous and uncertain as well but try to be strong for your dog. They feed off your energy so if you are afraid they will be afraid.

If you are holding your dog in your arms upon arrival then let them be facing you as you hand them over to their groomer. This helps ensure that the exchange from you to their groomer is okay. Bring a snack, favorite toy or a shirt that has your scent. This helps them have a piece of home with them during their grooming stay. The grooming can take a few hours so it is okay to call and check in on their status. 

After their groom it is important for you to perform grooming maintenance at home such as keeping your dog combed and brushed out to help insure their comfort during the professional grooming process. Make and keep each grooming appointment so that their coat is kept parasites and tangle free. 


Part of having a successful relationship between their groomer and your dog is to always leave communication open. It is never the best idea to leave anything open to just assumption. Not knowing or sharing any and all possible information regarding your dogs groom needs can lead to unwanted or unexpected results.

Let their groomer know important things about your dog. For example:

  • Behavior:  You may need to to let them know behavior issues such as not liking the clipper or that they may bite. Knowing this can help ensure a safer grooming experience as well as take any suggested precautions.
  • Groom instructions:  You may want a specific style done or want to discuss a different grooming style due to their hair being tangled. You and their groomed should always discuss these instructions before the groom is performed. 
  • Price Changes:  Your dog’s previous groom charge may be different on their next visit due to several factors such as additional services that may have been rendered. It is important that any financial changes are discussed before their grooming is performed. 
  • Shampoo request:  Your dog may have sensitive skin or require a flea bath. Letting their groomer know will make sure the proper bath is given for their needs.
  • Groomer notes:  Your dog’s groomer should always let you know if there are any changes in your dog’s coat, behavior and well being during their groom visit. Being informed of any unusual changes may prompt you to keep a closer eye on them at home or seek medical attention if deemed necessary. 
  • Surgeries and Injuries:  Your dog may have recently had an operation that requires certain obligations such as more support on the grooming table or administering medication while they are in their groomers care. Your dogs groom visit needs to be as comfortable as possible so any known medical issues should be made aware to their groomer. 
  • Departure time request:  You or a family member may need them done by noon so that they can be picked up or where you need them to be. So it is good to let their groomer know what time you need them ready. 
  • The little things:  Sometimes you may want something as simple as no bows, bandanas or cologne put on your dogs. 

With you and their groomer on the same page then if applicable you can pick up your dog and have had received what your wanted their groomer to do with little to no problems at all. 


  • You gain comfort with their groomer 
  • Your dog won’t feel like grooming is a punishment but a way of life 
  • Your dog looks beautiful and have a healthy coat
  • May be able to keep price consistent 
  • Helps the groomer and your dog build trust and a loving relationship 


We all want a satisfying groom experience. Groomers want the same love that you and your dog share and you want your dog to be safe and happy. 

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