This weeks little pup student of the week is Buddy!! Buddy is a super sweet Cocker Spaniel mix that is full of energy and loves to play. Buddy's mom started bringing him to Bark ATLfull time when she started a new job. She thought it was funny that when he first starting going to daycare he was just as tired as she was. He didn't want to get out of bed on Thursday and Friday because he had had so much fun playing earlier in the week. Now that he is used to daycare, all she has to say in the morning is "Let's go have a great day at daycare," and he comes running to the door ready to play!
Buddy loves Bark ATL. He has lived in four states--Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Georgia--since he was adopted in 2008. He went to day care in all four states and his favorite, hands-down, is Bark ATL!
One cool thing about Buddy is that he is a certified emotional support animal. His mom gets really stressed out on planes so Buddy is allowed to fly with her, without a cage, where ever she goes. He's flown to NYC, Montreal, and from Wisconsin (when they lived there) to Atlanta. He is an awesome little flyer. He goes right to sleep as soon as he is on a plane. Parents of human children are often jealous because Buddy behaves so much better than their kids!
Something else Buddy loves to do is swim!
When we throw the red ball into the pool Buddy is one of the first to jump in after it!
Congrats on being the little pup student of the week Buddy! We are so happy you love it here as much as we love having you here. 🙂
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