We all know our dogs love us unconditionally. Dogs show love in so many ways. Some dogs love everyone and everything. Other dogs really love that one special ball or stuffed toy. We took some time to gather some great pictures of dogs at BARK ATL showing their love, for each other, for our staff, for a little place in the sun, a splash in the pool, for anything and everything that makes them happy during any part of their stay at BARK ATL. I guess that's what we adore so much about spending time with dogs - observing and learning from them, about how the simplest things in life should be treasured every day. Take a look at some of the pictures below. Read about the story behind the photo. We hope you'll be inspired to smile, spread some love of your own, and give your dog an extra belly rub just because it makes you happy and fills you with love. What does your dog love? We'd love to hear your stories! Please feel free to comment and share with us what gives your dog the most joy, and how watching that joy spills over to enrich your life.
"Crazy Daisy", the boxer on the right, has been coming to BARK ATL since we first opened. She's a regular wiggly welcome wagon to all the new dogs in our pack. In this picture, she welcomes Sally the Springer, who is now a regular member of our day care pack (thanks in part to the love and licks of a new BFF).
Rosie loves the tennis ball! She loves playing catch, and she is very, very good at it! We love throwing the ball to her until her heart's content. She will place it right in front of you and nudge it a bit with her nose just to make certain you see it, then it's a sprint to the other side of the room where she waits eagerly, intensely, and patiently for a good throw! She even sleeps with her tennis ball after a long day of play. Did we mention that Rosie loves the tennis ball? Scroll down to see other dogs showing their puppy love at BARK ATL!

Thriller LOVES Bella.

Bernadette loves little Boo Boo.

Penny loves to get belly rubs while nestled in a good lap!

It's quite an understatement to say Fergus loves this bench. Fergus really, really, REALLY loves lounging on this bench outside. I think he even scrawled his name on it somewhere!

Stella, Kadyn and Thriller love to nap in this nice spot in the sun.

Madison & Presley love cupcakes (and birthday parties at BARK ATL!). Of course, this is theirown birthday party, what could be better thanthat? (Oh yeah, and these siblings also LOVE each other)!

Cody loves the blue football! Hey, who wants to play tug?

Eddie loves the BARK ATL VIP treatment that comes with senior status.

JD (and so many of his friends) LOVE pool time at BARK ATL!

Bugs loves to splash around in the pool, and he loves the hose, too!

And we'll close with one more picture of the puppy love match, Thriller & Bella. BARK ATL is not a bad place to meet your honey-bunny!


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